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Wouldn’t it be nice to open the closet door and see where everything is? Or better yet, know that everything is not going to come tumbling down at the touch of the knob? Below are some tips that will help organize any bedroom closet, coat closet, or linen closet.  


Let it go


If you have not worn something in the last 12 months, it does not fit, it is out of style, or you do not feel comfortable in it, LET IT GO! It will open up space for clothes that you do wear, giving you less clutter in your closet!


Seasons greetings


Store your clothes according to the seasons, allowing you to keep off season clothes in a different part of the house if needed.


do it on purpose


Organize according to purpose (formal, casual), type (shirts, pants, skirts), style (short sleeve, long sleeve), and color (dark to light).

Linen closets should also be sectioned off according to purpose. For example, a shelf can be used for towels and washcloths, extra toilet paper, soaps, and lotions, cleaning products, or bed sheets and pillow covers)

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