Stage one | Consultation

Consultation StageWe begin by gathering basic contact and space information so that we can get to know you and your space better. During our brief phone consultation, you will learn about how we can help you turn your space into sweet, organized lemonade using our three-stage™ approach.


We then schedule a $100 one-hour on-site consultation where you will meet with your Organizing Designer. During your on-site consultation, your Organizing Designer will take a complete tour of your space and have a more in-depth conversation with you about your possibilities. Once you have made your decision to allow Purple Lemonade to organize your space, you will review and sign our service contract and schedule your service dates. We then collect a $100 non-refundable booking deposit (applied to your total balance) to hold your scheduled service dates.


We will also leave you with optional homework assignments that can reduce your Organizing Designer’s service time, thus reducing your overall project cost.

Stage two | Lemons*

Lemons StageThe Lemons stage is the essence of the organization process. With your help, we remove everything from your space and sort it into categories. This will allow us to take a proper inventory and determine what you need and don't need. Additional supplies needed (including containers, furnishings, cabinets, built-ins, fixtures, etc.) will be determined during this stage and provisional costs for these supplies will be added to your project total.


During this stage, you and your Organizing Designer will create an organization plan customized to your space(s), needs, style and budget.


*This stage can begin the same day as your on-site consultation, if scheduling permits.


Stage three | Lemonade

Lemonade StageThis stage is the most exciting. If it was determined during the Lemon stage that your project will need additional supplies, you will go shopping with your Organizing Designer at the beginning of the Lemonade stage. It is now time to watch your space turn into sweet, organized lemonade. Whether it is containing, hanging, labeling, or folding, your Organizing Designer will whip your space into tip-top shape. You will do a final walkthrough with your Organizing Designer to get a feel for your new space, ask questions and discuss tips for keeping your space organized. We will take final photos of your transformed space then let you show it off to your family and friends.


Drink clutter-free.

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Free Consultation

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During our brief phone consultation, you will learn about how we can help you turn your space into sweet, organized lemonade using our three-stage approach. Contact us today to get started.

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