susan, centennial, CO

Thanks Helen for all your help and expertise in transforming our laundry/storage room!


rita, denver, CO

Thank you for all your help. I'm showing my cupboards off to everyone and, best of all, I can find a bowl when I need it.


barbara, boulder, CO

I hired Purple Lemonade to organize my "pile" room into a mediation\relaxation room. There was sooo much in there, I was not sure it was possible. The room looks practically empty and soothing now (and I did not get rid of things). Purple Lemonade is a miracle maker!

Tamra, Centennial, CO

I am writing this letter to personally affirm to the character, professionalism, and hard work of Helen Scott and her company, Purple Lemonade. She works effectively and until the job is complete to bring together a divine, love and talent for interior design & organization.

Helen is an intelligent, motivated, and highly organized individual. She is more than capable of turning chaos and clutter into an esthetically pleasing and relaxing environment. She actively listens to the needs of her clientele and then proceeds with her interpretation of their vision. Whether it’s your office, home, closet, or kitchen, she will produce high-quality results and service; fashionably bringing organization that is designed specifically to suit your needs and desires.

As part of her mission to make a creative, useable, inviting living space, Helen makes sure to bring her enthusiasm and professional touch to every aspect. I have witnessed firsthand her unique skill set in my own home and office. She will even color-code your markers and clothes, into a delightful rainbow affect. Your things will be where you want them and where you need them! She has superseded my expectations each time I have worked with her on a professional level. Personally her character is humble, positive, chipper, and complimentary to almost anyone making her a true delight and pleasure to work with!


Charlé, Denver, CO

Purple Lemonade has helped me restore my classroom of chaos. Before the help of Purple Lemonade my classroom became a clutter-filled nightmare! For the last two months of the school year I was out on medical leave. My classroom was left in the hands of a substitute teacher to maintain and to clean up at the end of the school year. When I returned to my classroom I walked in to find my room a total disaster! Everything was dumped to one side of my room. There was no order to the mess…I found math manipulatives in my book baskets, books were in buckets, papers, crayons and pencils were stuffed into any spot that was open, my library was in shambles, important papers and extra worksheets were all mixed into one pile, school supplies were scattered about …it was a total disaster. There were only a few days left to clean before school was to start.

I felt overwhelmed. I called on Purple Lemonade to help me get my classroom back. Helen came in and assessed the situation. After her assessment, she assured me that everything was going to look great and everything will be done on time. She immediately put an organization plan into action. She assigned a home for all of my classroom materials. She helped me create labels for all of the parts in my room. She helped me throw out useless clutter and organized my room into a well-functional classroom.


When everything was finished I felt a huge burden lift off of my shoulders. I got my classroom back. It was beautiful! With everything having its own place, I was able to maintain the order in my room throughout the year! Purple Lemonade has taught this teacher how to become organized and stay organized.


chavah, st. louis, mo

Purple lemonade came to make just the right space at just the right time. It wasn’t too much longer before I was due to move out of town; and having things organized and put in place makes a huge difference in packing up and moving. Purple lemonade took all the lemons I had and made for the smoothest transition for our family. So instead of digging through and deciding what would make the trip, I was able to take all my wanted and needed items straight to the moving truck without a hitch. The space was so comfortable and efficient.


Jai, Denver, CO

As a classroom teacher, the daily rush and run through of papers, books, art supplies, manipulatives, and more, can make keeping a classroom organized a very time consuming and overwhelming task. Purple Lemonade came and organized my resource and supply closets, helped purge and refine my filing system and organized and labeled my classroom library, supplies, and centers to promote student independence. I was also able to choose colors, labels, and decor that create a pleasant, clean, and fun feel for the room that adults and students can enjoy. This organization system is easy to maintain, and when necessary I can call Purple Lemonade for a refresher. Purple Lemonade's service was professional, friendly, and fast. It lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and truly turned my lemons into lemonade.

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